Crazy Crazy!

Wow so the past few months have been nuts around here. Starting around Feb. 10th, I was suddenly blessed with the FLU, which in turn I passed on to the twins. So for 2 weeks we were all house bound, Kevin included. First Kevin slept on the couch and watched all 3 boys, while I was quarantined to the bedroom in a useless effort to prevent anyone else from getting sick. Was I was better it was my turn on the couch, as it was my turn to watch after 2 sick little boys while Kevin was quarantined himself in our bedroom in an effort to keep Cayden from getting sick. The Dr. ‘s office had let us know that if the little guy was to get the flu we would most likely be bringing him to the hospital. Well, our efforts were successful, Thank you God! We had a bout a week and a half of peace and no illness when suddenly the Britton has a really bad cough and temperature, which lasted almost a week. Of course, being a twin and just HAD to share it with his brother. So here we went again….so we are all finally well. The little guy does have a nasty cough though but still no temperature. We just pray for him daily.

Well, on to better things! Cayden is getting so big! I think he is probably atleast 13 pounds or so. He loves to talk to you and mimic sounds. He still refuses to sleep on his back so we swaddle him and place him on his side, firmly locked in place I might add, but the little toot is still found somewhere else in the bed and on his belly! I think he is going to talk and walk much sooner then the boys did. He can almost roll completely from his back to his belly, if only that darn arm would move out from under him so he could go all the way! He also loves his jump a roo and the exersaucer. He can already sit in it and bounce or turn himself around in it! Here are some pictures I took this week of him on his 15 week old birthday!

And because I have not blogged or sent pictures out in soooo long here are a few more:

Alexander and Britton have been doing wonderful. They still don’t spend too much time paying attention to Cayden but I think that will come. Now that Cayden is smiling and cooing more, the boys will go play with him for maybe 15 seconds. They do keep saying they miss mommy, so I think they are having a hard time adjusting to the fact that Mommy can’t spend all her time with them. We had a parent/teacher conference at the boy’s school last week and Mrs. Claudine(teacher) and Mrs Laura(speacher teacher) said they were both doing better then expected! Yippie! They do want to seperate them though because the boys still talk their twin language when they are playing together and that prevents them from gaining the most out of their speech therapy. I am against seperation BUT I told them that as long as after 1 or 2 months it does not work out I have the option of putting them back together. Which they agreed to. They really are talking a lot and now both Kevin and I can actually converse with them. I truly Thank God for their improvement and I love to hear those little voices everyday. Here is one of my favorite conversations:

Mommy: Boys, what do you want for your birthday?
Alexander ponders then says: A wocketship mommy!
Britton says: Yeah mommy one dat flies to the moon!
Alexander says: One dat flies high up in the sky
Mommy says: Is that all you want for your birthday?
Britton thinks then says: hmmm, I can’t know….
Alexander says: Yea
Here are some recent pictures of the boys that I took of them with their cousin Joey at the park:

Kevin and I are doing great! Cayden sleep pretty much from 10pm until 5:30am when Kevin wakes him up to feed him before work. Sleep makes a big difference in a marriage. I pretty much spend about 10 hours every 2 weeks working from home for my SIL and then I concentrate on family. I have recently stepped up my efforts in producing better photos. I am working mostly on editing them since I do have a good camera but its not a pro camera. I figure I need to learn how to use my Kodak p880 to the best of my ability before spend $1000+ on a DSLR. Well thats it for today…:)

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