Embarrassing Moments Series

Some friends and I were talking about the embarrassing things our children say in public(we laugh if said at home but in public…well)and I thought it would be fun to blog about it every now and then. So I will begin with 2 embarassing moments,(sorry Jenny, this still does not compare to your post office one):

Embarrassing moment #1: Britton begins beating on my butt at the store while waiting in line to pay, then loudly says,” Mommy, your butt is a good drum”. Which, of course meant that Alexander had to join the band. Thanks Babe.

Embarrassing moment #2: While visiting a local restaurant’s bathroom, Alexander says,” Mommy it stinky in here. Why it stinky in here?” Since I decided to ignore the question,( I mean how do you respond? Cause someone is doing the number #2 Xander?)Xander decides to repeat the question even louder since of course I must not have heard him. So, I give him that “LOOK” and it worked. Thank goodness because it usually doesn’t work that well. So I quickly washed hands.I always knew I would some day have the birds and bees discussion with my boys but everyone failed to mention the “Why the bathroom is stinky” talk. I am sure this will lead up too many more why’s. OH JOY.

I leave you with more pictures of my nieces(ah Teenagers are so much easier then little kids)my boys and Joey:

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