Fast Friends

Wow so I know its been a while since I blogged so I am going to slowly try to catch up today and tomorrow. We will actually see if that happens…:)

So on my last day at our 2HTO meeting(my moms group), Shelly came up and introduced herself. Now I have been going all semester and I know I have seen her and probably met her but this was the first time we actually talked. I am so glad she came up an introduced herself to me. She comes up and says,”Are you the other mom of twins that has those great photographs on her blog?” Can you believe that after 3 months in the same group we really didn’t know anything about each other?? The Lord gives us so many chances to meet others. People we need in our lives or people he wants us to help. I actually think they go hand in hand. We ALL benefit from our relationships and we need them. So next semester, I am going to find a way to meet more moms in my playgroup, either by not sitting at the same table all the time or by just introducing myself to 1 mom I don’t know each session. I could have missed out on having a lasting friendship with another mom of twins, both of them are boys too, who loves photography and wants to practice with me, is a SAHM mom and goes through the same struggles as me, oh, and she is trying to lose weight too! Lord knows I am always trying to do that! I know we will both benefit from this relationship. Thank you Shelly for introducing yourself to me!
So we finally met up at her house the following week and talked forever(really we talked from like 10 am -2:30) while our kids happily played together. We finally got to our cameras, were I started showing her how to work with her natural light photos indoors…and I practiced with her lovely light! So we left at 4pm with plans for a trip to Saguaro Park the next Friday for a just for fun photo shoot of our kids…We both were so excited…
The photo shoots was a blast but of course hot already and poor Shelly camera broke:( And hers is the better camera…but they the kids behaved which I could not believe because mine would really be happy if they never saw a camera again…we then had pizza at my house so I could show her how to use Photoshop elements…A long but wonderful day leaving us all exhausted….
But during that time, Shelly opens up and tells me she feels like she has known me forever! I, too feel the same way and ya know it a really good feeling when you make a friend that way.. So enjoy our fun photo shoot and here is too a long and photography filled friendship!

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