To Stand or not to Stand that is the question

Wow, the boys are finally completely potty trained. They have peed on the potty for a long time now but we couldn’t get them to do the dreaded #2 on the potty. Well, Mommy and Daddy were quite tired of wiped big boy butts and decided it was time, so off came the underwear(that’s how we were able to get them to pee on the potty all the time in just one weekend)which totally peeved the boys to no end. After a bit of complaining about not having their underwear, they started poopin on the potty. In less the 4 hours flat, our boys were potty trained. No more diapers! I also, and I say I because I think only a woman would complain about this, became the proud(or not) mom of 2 little boys that now STAND to pee on the potty. Now, when did it become so important for a boy(that includes men as well) to have the ability to pee standing up. Is it because its so quick and effortless or because it’s part of being a man. ALL I know is that I went from a Mommy who simply had to say “Flush the potty when your done and turn off the light!” to a monster(I mean mommy really I do)who yells,” What the heck happened in here and what smells so bad?” It literally looks like Jackson Pollock visited my bathroom and found my toilet not worthy of his pee and decided to bless me with his artistry. Thanks Jackson. Well, nevertheless, for those of you who know how much I enjoy cleaning, if you arrive at my home and find a container of Clorox wipes next to the said potty, they are not there because I rushed around cleaning up for you(which yes I still did rush around cleaning before you came for a visit). They are there for you. If you don’t want to risk transferring Mr. Pollock’s art on to your bum, wipe first cause my boy’s don’t tell me when the art lesson occured within the confines of our guest bathroom.

I leave you with recent picture of all of my incredibly talented boys, artistic or otherwise.

Just a card that I made for a Friend’s Baby Boy- The inside will read: Just one of the many parts to enjoy. Congratulations on your new baby boy!

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