My Dudes and my first Canvas!

Well, this week was a big week for my dudes! The boys started 4 year old preschool this week and its their first time in seperate classes which really had us worried. Good news is…they don’t seem to mind it at all!! They are actually talking to each other more then usual. Whew that makes me feel so much better. Being twins and all, I thought they were going to have a much tougher time at it but Kevin told me he thinks they need some time away from each other and I think he is right.

Cayden is 8 months old today and I am sad. Well not really, I am never really sad, but he is just growing way to fast. His looks are starting to change just a little bit, okay so only a momma would notice that. The past few weeks have really brought out more in my little cutie. We found out he really enjoys to swim. I can put in on the side of the pool and he will bounce until he falls into the water. If I mention swimming he gets all excited and hits his chest. That’s the other thing he does, hits his chest. If he wants it or wants to do it or wants you to do it for him, he smiles and hits his chest. When Cayden eats, you can also hear him saying”umm ummm ummm.” I think he is trying to say yummy while he is eating. He is going to be such a ham! He really is such an easy going baby. He makes me want more! Kevin did not like that idea though.
Okay well I leave you with some recent pictures of my boys! Oh and the last one is a picture of my first canvas! I am so a canvas girl now. It really is cheaper then doing custom framing and it arrives at my door ready to hang. I plan on buying so many more, eventually, when I have money. But, no more custom framing for me.

veryKiki onesie

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