It’s FALL Portrait Party Time!

What is a Portrait Party??

Portrait parties are an wonderful opportunity for you and your friends to have professional portraits made in a fun and affordable way. Portrait parties take place in your home (if you are the host) or any other suitable location(such as your local park). The host invites between 8 and 12 families to the party and for the hosts hard work enjoys credits toward portraits for hosting. It is a fun opportunity to have professional portraits taken of your children in a low pressure, relaxed atmosphere.

How do Portrait Parties work?

The Portrait party is organized by the party host. Hosts provide the location, coordinate the snacks, drinks, activities, the guest list and scheduling the 20 minute session times. Guests enjoy a good time, a inexpensive portrait session($20 for up to 2 children includes a 8×10) and their children enjoy a short and concise sitting. Everyone involved will have a good time and the children will actually look forward to the next party! After the party, the guests will visit an Online Gallery to view and order their portraits. After all guests have ordered the host will then be able to place an order based on credits from their guests purchases.

How do I schedule a Portrait Party?

Contact me to ensure availability – you might put together several prospective dates to ensure everyone’s schedules match up – and to find out everything you need to know to have a super successful party.

If I host a Portrait Party what are my responsibilities?

A Portrait party is organized by the host. The host is the #1 ingredient to a successful party. Hosts invite guests, coordinate the bringing of snacks and drinks (if not providing themselves) and the scheduling of sessions. Hosts follow up with their guests with reminders and to ensure that every session block is filled to get the most portrait credits possible.

After the party, the guests will visit an online gallery to view their portraits. Hosts collect orders from their guests and 4-6 weeks later deliver the final products to them. After all guests have ordered the host will then be able to place an order based on credits from their guests purchases. Please contact me for more information.

Should my portrait party be a certain theme?

I highly recommend it! That way you can hold different parties all year long to earn those credits for your own family pictures. For this session, I recommend a Fall or Halloween them. I will bring a pumpkin or 2 and a large block of hay and we are set!

Email or Call me now to set up your Portrait Party! I have several Friday(Great for Mom’s groups), Saturdays and Sundays available in September and October.

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