Happy 1st Birthday Cayden! { Smash the Cake with Arizona Photographer Jolie Anne}

Wow, I find it hard to believe this last year has flown by so quickly. Too quickly, I am afraid. My little one just turned 1 and it makes me so sad to see him growing and changing so fast before my eyes. I want him to stop growing. NOW! But, since I know that can’t happen, I will just cherish the moments I have now with him – Seeing his smiling face, and 5 teeth, beaming up at me every morning, happy and ready to go,holding his snuggly body to me as he pats my back, laughing as we rub foreheads togther and he giggles, sitting back watching him chase after his brothers realizing that they have NO clue that in the years to come he will always and constantly be chasing them around, and watching my boys play peekabo with him, his favorite came(sometimes you turn around and just find him sitting somewhere with a blanket over his head while he patiently waits for someone to notice him playing his game).

Cayden really is the must easy going baby. Even though he is always into everything, and I mean everything, he is so independant and observant of it all. He sleeps all night waking up around 8:30-9:00, and he is in bed for 7:30. His favorite words are Daddy, ow, door, mine, NO, Nana and Mommy. He loves when SOME strangers(we don’t know how he picks which one yet)talk to him, then he waves and waves at them. Flirt!He hates when you tell him no and often just stares at you after the offending word has been said, puts that cute lip out, starts crying then bonks his head on the nearest thing(he really hates it when that thing turns out to be tile) but then he usually listens and goes on to something else. Usually…He has already gotten rid of his bottle and moved on to sippy cups which he loves, well only the hard spout kinds NOT the soft.

To make a long story short, this kid is going to be as inquistive, opinionated, stubborn, friendly, easy going, happy and as talkative(sorry Kevin) as his Mommy. Let’s just home he is taller…:) Enjoy his pictures of his first birthday CAKE SMASH which I also offer to all clients! The custom cake was provided by a friend of mine, Melissa. Check out her cakes here http://cakeobsession.blogspot.com/…

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