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I often get asked how I do the froggy pose, and although I am sure you can find many tutorials out there showing you how to, I figured I would post how I do it on my blog. First of all, its a composite. It is very difficult to get a newborn to balance that way, though I have had a few who did, so its best to do it in 2 shots and just complete it in photoshop. Here are the stepsĀ  I usually follow:

-Make sure the baby is sleeping and try to do it when they do not have a full belly.

– I often do a tummy pose before this so that the transition is not to great from tummy to froggy pose.

-I like mine on a flat bean bag surface so that the toes really show BUT you can put the baby in the middle of a boppy and prop their little elbows up on the top. This keeps their little tummy from be squished if they just ate or if they just seemed uncomfortable.

– Try to get their hands as close together under their chin. I usually have my assistant lift their heads up while I bring their hands up and together.

-My assistant now switches with me and holds the baby’s at the wrist or head, which ever you want to start with.

-Try to pick a spot to photograph the baby in and stay there. It helps when editing if every image is as close to matching as possible. I am so used to moving in and out while shooting, that IĀ  often make the mistake of moving too much during this pose then its a pain to edit.

-Photograph the baby while the assistant holds the wrist and then photograph the baby while the assistant holds the head.

-Edit(I usually just need to edit in the head.

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