How Much Is It To Promote On TikTok?

With 167 million TikTok videos watched per minute and more than 1 billion users, it is no surprise that brands are trying to take advantage of this social media phenomenon. Unlike conventional advertising that highlights a product’s superior qualities, TikTok marketing encourages creativity and interaction. It also allows companies to capitalize on trends that often come and go on a short turnaround. This means that it’s important for marketers to stay up to date on the latest TikTok challenges and create content quickly to capitalize on them.

How much is it to promote on tiktok is to choose a goal, such as getting more views, website visits or more followers. From there, you’ll need to select the audience that you want to reach. You can either let TikTok determine the target audience for you or you can create your own. Once you’ve chosen an audience, you’ll then need to set a budget and a duration for your ad.

Exploring TikTok Promotion Costs: What’s the Price Tag

In terms of price, TikTok ads start at $10 per CPM and require a minimum budget of $500. This may seem expensive, but it’s less than the cost of a Facebook or Instagram ad campaign.

With the right video and a good strategy, however, TikTok can be a powerful platform for a brand to reach its target audience. Brands with bigger ad budgets can also run TopView ads, which are full-screen ads that appear when a user opens the app. These ads can be seen by all app users and are a great way to grab attention, but they’re more expensive than in-feed ads.