DISC Workshop Training – Taking Flight With DISC

DISC Workshop Training – Taking Flight With DISC


A smooth-functioning team requires a variety of skills including self-awareness, good communication and trust. DISC workshop training helps teams develop and learn about themselves while increasing interpersonal skills to build stronger relationships. This is particularly important for business owners or managers looking to improve productivity and teamwork in the workplace.

The DISC workshops at Cooper Consulting Group assessment is an easy-to-administer behavioral learning tool that helps people understand themselves and the personalities of others. It groups personality responses into four work-style clusters – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. It is used in 94 countries worldwide and is a well-known tool for team building and leadership development.

Building Stronger Relationships with DISC: A Workshop Exploration

During the DISC workshop, participants take an online DISC assessment and then engage in a highly interactive learning experience that is designed to help them discover how they prefer to act, work and socialize. They also explore the ways they prefer to be approached and consulted, as well as their strengths and limitations.

Once each participant has completed their DISC assessment, they receive a personalized full-color DISC report all about them. This provides them with a clear understanding of their unique personality style. They can then compare their results with those of their colleagues.

By linking DISC styles to four colorful birds, the Taking Flight with DISC program adds energy and fun to the tried-and-true DISC model. The eagle represents the Dominant (D) style, the parrot the Interactive (I) style, the dove the Supportive (S) style and the owl the Conscientious (C) style. This visual approach makes it easier for people to remember the DISC styles, especially when they are under stress or trying to solve problems.

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