Email Address Validation Software

Email Address Validation Software

email address validation software

Email address validation software  helps you keep your mailing lists clean and accurate by identifying invalid or undeliverable email addresses. It’s a crucial tool to have for any business that relies on email marketing, whether you are an ESP, email service provider, or simply a marketer who wants to ensure their email campaigns reach the right people.

While there are many tools available to verify email addresses, not all of them are created equal. It’s important to find a solution that offers a high accuracy rate and can verify the entire email address — not just part of it, like the prefix or the domain name. Other factors to consider include pricing models (e.g. pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription), support, and additional features.

Streamline Your Email Marketing Efforts with the Best Email Address Validation Software

For example, a good email verification service will be able to ping the specified email address and return a response indicating if it is valid or not. It’s also important to choose a solution that can identify and remove disposable emails, which are temporary email addresses used for one-off or short-term purposes. These addresses are often abused by spammers and can result in your campaigns being blocked or sent to junk folders.

Abstract’s suite of API’s is built to save you time by taking care of tedious, repetitive work. When you integrate with our Email Validation API, you can automatically check email addresses submitted via your online forms and ensure they are valid and active. This will eliminate the need to manually review each submission and can help you reduce your list churn.

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