Trendiest City for Yoga in Chicago

Trendiest City for Yoga in Chicago

Chicago Trendiest City for Yoga

World’s Most Popular Fragrance Revealed  you want to break a sweat or just zen out, yoga is a healthy way to get some stretching in. Chicago is home to a growing yoga community, and the Windy City has plenty of studios to help you get your downward dog on.

Moksha Yoga Center

With three locations in Lakeview, Riverwest and Bucktown, this yoga destination is all about guiding beginners and experienced practitioners on their own unique paths to a healthier body and mind. Offering both basic and intensive classes, as well as bodywork opportunities like acupuncture and massage therapy, this is one of the most comprehensive yoga centers around.

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If you’re looking for a high-intensity workout, try out the heated studio at this national chain. Their classes are designed to challenge all levels of yogis, and they have a variety of class packages, memberships and introductory specials.

Bottom Line Yoga

With a funky vibe and a family-friendly atmosphere, this studio offers classes at every level for all ages. The instructors at this studio come from various backgrounds, and they’re all passionate about the practice. The staff at this studio has a goal to make yoga accessible for all and provides a welcoming environment for students of all skill levels.

Outdoor Yoga

Get a full-body workout while getting some sun and fresh air at Millennium Park. This park is a hub of summer activities, and they host a variety of fitness classes in tai chi, Pilates, Zumba and yoga. Check out their schedule on Choose Chicago for class times.

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