Monthly Archives: April 2008

Goldfield Mine

This past weekend we happily jumped in the car to visit Apache Junction’s Goldfield Mine. We had a wonderful time riding the train. A not so wonderful time on the mine tour, where Alexander and Britton kept crying because they were scared. I almost thanked the tour guide out loud when, knowing our boys and […]

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4 Months Old

Our little guy, that would be Cayden, turned 4 months old this week! He is now over 13 pounds, loves to coo and gurgle(thats a new one he started this week) and he already loves to stand in the jump a roo(but today he really bounced for the first time and he loves it). He […]

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Enjoying the spring weather

We decided to go to Lake Pleasant this weekend to enjoy the nice spring weather we are having. The boys had also been stuck in the house for what seems like forever to me, so we wanted to get them out of the house. We found ourselves a little inlet with very few people on […]

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