Whew…what a weekend! and Living for an Audience of One

What a nice weekend! This weekend, I did not have any practice shoots, which, gave me a chance to catch up on editing. I have finally completed Carrie’s family session! Yippie! Catch some of my favorites from her’s below.
So this weekend, I edited and relaxed, then edited some more, then spent time just relaxin with my boys. Father’s Day was wonderfully relaxing. We went to my parent’s house and lazed around in the pool with our little tadpoles(another blog story to come)Oh, I finally finished a cocoon for a wonderful photographer- http://www.peekaboophotos.com/ – and started on my next order. It’s so nice to see really great photographer’s buy my crafts. I like to think my items are different then the norm and it is great to see others that appreciate this. I also completed all the work for my part time medical job AND put away most of Cayden’s 3-6 months clothes for ebay selling at a later date. Is it a wonder that the house is a mess and I can’t even think about what I might cook(cooking? whats that?)for dinner tonight.So,today my goal is too not look at this computer till everything that needs to be done is done! I really need to get organized really really badly.I have been stressed out lately, feeling like I can’t seem to get everything done that needs to be done or I want to be done. I read my friend Katie’s blog yesterday on “Living for a audience of One ( http://roosefam.blogspot.com/ ) and I realized a few things. First of all, I have been more stressed then usually this past week because I haven’t been talking to God as much as I usually do. Why is it during the most stressful times, we sometimes forget that God is there for us? For me, I think it is because sometimes when I am most stressed, it is because of some selfishness on my part(not wanting to give up something to complete a mundane task like laundry) or because I know that the stress is only made worse by MY inability to stay focused. I can not blame my stress on just the pure monstrosity of the tasks laid before me. By talking to God, I often have to admit that I am the reason behind my stress. Second, I realized that I trying to become more organized and efficent for all the right reasons(my children, my husband, myself) but for the wrong persons(my children, my husband, myself). I should be wanting this improvement for God. When I realized this, I suddenly felt the need to accomplish this goal of organization because it is for HIM. I want to please HIM, and then how could I not please my family or myself. The last thing I realized is, now that I am working to please HIM, and slight burden has fallen off my shoulders. God wants me to be the best that that HE planned for me, but he doesn’t not expect PERFECTION, or atleast not the perfection I expect from myself or that I think my husband and children expect.

Okay, so now it is time to shut down this computer until some things get done today.

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