Happy Halloween and a little sneak peak!

All I can say is the boy’s will be hyper for the next couple of weeks from all the nice candy(you know, not the cheap stuff but the chocolate!)they were given today. We went to my mom and dad’s house to trick or treat and enjoyed a nice dinner with them, a long walk around the block and 2 hours of Wii! I had to drag my husband away late, ya know since the baby was 4 hours past his bedtime and was not liking it at all.

My friend Rachel from church came over today for some relaxing girl talk and a little photo shoot afterwards with her girls. She took some pictures of her own because she was there to pick my brain and learn more about shooting in manual! I don’t know how much she really learned but we had fun! I have a few pictures of her baby down below but haven’t gotten around to editing all of them yet!

Oh here is a picture of my boys and neice from tonight. The pictures is not that good because Cayden already hates sitting still for pictures. Whats a mom to do?

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