My boy’s

Wow, I get so busy sometimes that I forget to post pictures of my beautiful boys! I just love being a mom of boys(of course I really don’t know anything different do I?)My days are filled with 2(the twins) rather handsome, intelligent and rambunctious boys that love to laugh, wrestle, play, whine(I think its the age), cook, explore, wrestle some more, repeat the word “Mommy” over and over again, repeat the word “Daddy” over and over again, earn coins for doing chores and special tasks(can you please entertain the baby for 30 minutes, oh I mean just a moment), wrestle some more with a few kicks added in for fun, asking “Why?” over and over again, play instead of sleep resulting in special coins getting taken away resulting in screaming, ride in our new mini van but still miss our “little” car,(In Britton’s words,”This mini van rocks!”), fight over who gets the best seat in the new mini van, demand cups for the 12 new cup holders in the new mini van, fight over who gets to help mommy close the new mini van’s sliding door, help feed Cayden, kiss and hug Cayden every night before bed, making funny faces so that Cayden laughs instead of cries(it works too Thank You God),say “Please, Thank you, AND Your Welcome” and that STILL love to just cuddle with mommy in bed. The Lord as really blessed me with 2 thoughtful and loving boys!
Cayden, my little energizer bunny, NEVER stops moving! Really! We had to make his room his “safe” room because he crawls every where but really doesn’t stop any where for long. I was going nuts just knowing he would swallow a well earned coin of the boys, or end up with a hair ball( hey, we have 3 dogs, its bound to happen), or fall in his attempt to climb stuff. So we spend a lot of time in his room, where, he is happy NOT playing with you but all of his toys BUT if you leave the room, Oh MY! I think I still hear the screams from my quick bathroom break. He is a very happy baby and really only cries when you aren’t paying attention to him. Did I mention I have 2 other children, a house that seems to always need cleaning, 3 dogs, a husband, and a photography business? Oh yea, he has my complete attention. His favorite words are still,” Mama and Da Dee(used to be just dada)”. He occasionally mimics something you say and he now loves to wave bye bye, sometimes with both arms. He also prefers people food over his bottle and when you are feeding him his bottle you have to hold it for him and put something in his hands OR if he holds it the bottle, it is never finished AND he has a blast watching milk pour out of the nipple into his eyes, mouth, or nose. He is the cutest thing but man am I in for it when he is walking!

I leave you with some pictures from the park the other day:

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