And the winner is……| Arizona Photographer

First of all, I want to thank everyone who entered the raffle to help out the Rhodes Family! The raffle alone brought in $175 but thru one of the emails my husband and I sent out, our neighborhood group leader for CCV was able to do far more. We received food boxes, on one occasion over $250 in gift cards, and someone PAID OFF their rent for the month! I have had a few call of cash assistance to be expected in my mailbox, and I know that others have left special gifts at the Rhodes’s doorstep this past week. All I can say is ” GOD is good” and I want to thank everyone for pulling together to help out this family during these troubled times. We may not all be able to give a lot but when we all give a little we can make an amazing difference in someone’s life.

Okay, so after putting all the tickets in my special raffle bag(good ole brown gift bag) and giving it a few shakes and stirs, Alexander pulled out the name of……………

Marci Rude   !!!!!!!

Congratulations Marci! Please contact me to go over the details and to book your session for 2010!

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