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How to Compare Trading 212 to Other Platforms

While Trading 212 has a lot for it, it’s worth exploring alternative platforms that might align with your investment goals. Here are some tips on comparing trading apps, including features, fees, and regulation.

How Does Trading 212 Make Money?

Can you short on trading 212 most of its revenue through CFDs (contracts for difference) and interest rates. These are risky derivatives that allow you to speculate on price movements of underlying assets without actually owning them.

Unlike many other brokers, Trading 212 doesn’t charge a fee for buying and selling shares and ETFs. However, they do still earn a profit from your trades through spreads, which are essentially the cost of using their platform.

In addition to the fees listed above, Trading 212 also charges other internal and external costs like stamp duty in some countries. Furthermore, their selection of assets is limited and doesn’t include some popular markets such as Asia or Australia.

It also doesn’t appear as if Trading 212 offers payment for order flow, which is a practice that sees brokers pay money to certain market makers in return for the right to execute orders on their platform. While this is not illegal, it can work to your disadvantage as brokers may prioritize payments over executing the best possible trade for you.

Maximize Life Chiropractic Review


The Maximize Life Chiropractic Denver in Westlake Village, CA takes a holistic approach to wellness care, focusing on optimizing the body’s natural healing abilities. They utilize a variety of chiropractic techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to address musculoskeletal problems. They also help patients adopt healthy lifestyle habits that promote long-term wellness. However, customer complaints and criticism from within the chiropractic profession raise concerns about whether their practices are in alignment with ethical standards.

Among the most common complaints from patients of Maximize Life Chiropractic centers on high-pressure sales tactics and lengthy treatment commitments. They also note that the company’s claims about spinal adjustments curing various diseases lack empirical support, and their standardized protocols do not always cater to individual patient needs.

Personalized Treatment Plans Tailored to Your Needs

Another concern is that the clinics discourage prescription medications and instead promote chiropractic adjustments. In addition, they claim that the body’s innate healing abilities can be improved by removing subluxations and promoting lifestyle modifications encompassing nutrition, mindset, toxicity reduction, exercise, and sleep.

Many women experience back and neck pain following childbirth. Fortunately, chiropractic can greatly ease these symptoms. In fact, it can also restore proper pelvic alignment that may have become disrupted during childbirth and strengthen core muscles weakened by pregnancy, enhancing posture and reducing pain. To learn more about how chiropractic can benefit postpartum recovery, contact a pregnancy chiropractor like Dr. Tim Nicholl from Maximize Life Chiropractic.