Where Can I Get Mushrooms?

Where Can I Get Mushrooms?

where can i get shrooms

Despite the pandemic, mushroom foraging has been enjoying something of a renaissance. People eager to get out into nature and explore the wild have found that traipsing through brush in search of edible or hallucinogenic fungi is a rewarding, relaxing, and (sometimes) mind-expanding pastime. URL

The Pacific Northwest is a particularly rich shrooming ground, where the climate offers a temperate summer and mild winter, with a propensity for rainfall and humidity—as well as plenty of decaying wood. But even corridors of the Northeast and Midwest can yield psilocybin mushrooms, if mycophiles know where to look. Mushrooms in these zones favor fairly specific conditions, such as sandy soil or manure-rich compost (including dung from herbivorous animals), and are more prolific after a rainy period.

From Field to Online Shops: Understanding the Many Avenues to Obtain Shrooms

A search of local ads on the Facebook Marketplace turned up a slew of sellers offering mushrooms, and many of them were selling what appeared to be psilocybin cubensis. Sellers advertised prices from $100 or more for bags of the psychedelic fungus, which have a light brown to golden color and a dark spot on the cap.

But in some places, it can be harder to get a legal supply. Thailand, for example, is still illegal to harvest mushrooms though Pai and the Gili Islands off of Bali have a relaxed hippie vibe and vendors openly sell them on the streets and at beachfront shacks.

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